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September 2010

school zone 15mphThe Village of Solvay Police Department conducted a “School Zone Traffic Detail”, September 8, 9 & 10, 2010.  During this detail police officers were assigned the School Zone at the Solvay Elementary School where the 15 MPH speed limit was monitored as well as the enforcement of Stop Sign violations and other violations of the law as well.

An unmarked police unit was also assigned to follow School Buses to enforce vehicle passing school buses with RED LIGHTS Flashing.  Other police officers were assigned to the vicinity of the Solvay High School to enforce violations of the Vehicle & Traffic Law as well as Village Ordinances in this area.

At the completion of the detail, a total of 69 traffic tickets for violations were issued.

The Solvay Police Department will continue to conduct similar details throughout the school year.

The Solvay Police Department would like to advise motorists to DRIVE SAFELY, especially in our school zones.

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