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Police Cadet Program


 The Camillus/Solvay Police Cadet program is specifically designed for young men and women ages 14 to 21 who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.  Cadets attend two monthly meetings where they receive training in many aspects of law enforcement from fingerprinting to major case preparation.  Training is just a small part of the Cadet program.  Cadets also provide service to both the community and the police department through various service projects.  Cadets also assist in security and parking details at community events.

 The Cadets work hand in hand with officers and clerical personnel during ride-alongs with officers and while working at the police department.  In addition to the law enforcement training, Cadets receive the opportunity to obtain skills in a business environment while communicating with professionals on a one on one basis.  The Cadets can train with the department’s bicycle team and once certified, become members of the Cadet Bicycle Team.  The Cadets can also participate in a ride-along program with an approved police officer during the officer’s patrol shift where the Cadet will gain firsthand experience and apply their knowledge gained in the classroom.

How do I become a police cadet?

 To become a Police Cadet you must first complete the Police Cadet Application Packet (if under the age of 18, the application must be signed by a parent/guardian and be notarized).  Once completed, the application must be submitted to the Police Cadet Post Advisor Ofc. Niedzialek.  The application can be submitted either by mailing it to Ofc. Niedzialek at the Solvay Police Department, 507 Charles Ave. Solvay, NY 13209 OR by submitting it in person at the Solvay Police Department.

Membership is limited to 18 Police Cadets.  If Police Cadet openings are available, your application will be reviewed and a background check conducted.  An interview will then be scheduled and if approved you will be scheduled to attend two of the regularly scheduled monthly meetings in order to determine your degree of interest in the program.  After attending the two regularly scheduled meetings, you will again meet with the advisor(s) and a determination made regarding the acceptance into the Police Cadet Post.

Police Cadets must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Be between 14 and 21 years of age
  2. Be enrolled in High School or College 
  3. Maintain at least a 70% in education classes 
  4. Maintain a good school attendance and disciplinary record 
  5. Be of good health and of good moral character 
  6. Have no serious traffic or criminal arrests/convictions

 The police Cadet Post is affiliated with the Northeast Regional Law Enforcement Educational Association (NERLEEA). For more information, visit