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Business Location Information Program

The Village of Solvay Police Department is proud to introduce the Business Location Information Program (BLIP). This program allows local businesses to register your business with the Village of Solvay Police Department, and allows the officers to contact local businesses and their owners or employees of emergencies that may occur while the business is closed or even open.

Also, we encourage you to leave information about your business when it comes to Suspicious Activity or when your business will be closed for a long period of time. This will allow officers to check you r business while you are away.

Please take a moment and fill out the form below, or click on BLIP and print out the form and either mail it to the police department (507 Charles Av, Solvay, NY 13209) or fax it to us (315/468.2511). All information is kept confidential at the Solvay Police Department and will not be disclosed to anyone for any reason.

Business owners are also encouraged to fill out a property check request form, when they close their business for vacations, if there is suspicious activity happening on their property, and if an employee was terminated and you feel there may be a problem concerning the termination. Just click on Property Check – Business and fill out the form, or click on Business Property Check for a downloadable form to fax or mail to the police department.

This is just another way the Solvay Police Department is working to help serve the community and the local businesses.