Parking Bureau

Handicap Parking Permits

New York State Department of Motor Vehicle Parking Permits for People with Disabilities can be issued by the Solvay Police Department to Village of Solvay residents only. If you live outside of the Village of Solvay, you can obtain this permit from the Clerk of the municipality that you reside in.  Permits are issued during Administrative Office hours.

Permanent Parking PermitMust be renewed every five (5) years

Temporary Parking Permit:  Valid for six (6) months or less and may be issued when a person has a temporary disability

Who Qualifies:

NYS Disability Permit Application

Completed applications, medical certification and proper ID are necessary or permit to be issued.



 Odd/even parking allows for proper street cleaning and snow removal during winter months. It is important that those using on-street parking adhere to odd/even parking rules to allow for cars, emergency vehicles, street cleaning crews, and snowplows to pass through. Those who violate these guidelines will be ticketed by the Solvay Police Department.

Odd/even parking dictates that from 9:00 am on an odd day to 9:00 am on an even day, cars may park on the odd- addressed side of the street. At 9:00 am, vehicle owners must switch the side of the street on which their car is parked to the even side. For example, on June 16th, cars should begin the day parked on the even side of the street at 9 am that morning, cars should then move to the odd marked side of the street at 9:00 am that next morning.

The Village of Solvay Justice Court Offices Manage All Parking Matters.

This includes fine payment, contesting and/or appeals. 

The Solvay Justice Court offices are located at:

 1100 Woods Road, Solvay 13209

In accordance with NY State law and local ordinances, parking tickets must be contested within 90 days of their issuance.