Permits, Reports & Certifications

Citizen Report Requests

If a police report is completed, you or your insurance agent (Accidents) can request a copy from our administrative office which is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM except legal holidays. Reports are not automatically forwarded to citizens/motorists unless a copy is requested. This may be done either by written request or by phone.  Please note that the report may take several days before it is ready to be released by our office. We strongly urge you to contact us by phone to determine if the report is ready.

Solvay Police Department Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report 


2022 DataMaster Annual Inspection


2022-23 RADAR Certifications

BAO Certifications

BAO Permit White

BAO Permit Ryan

BAO Permit Niedzialek


BAO Permit Larose

BAO Permit Hemingway

BAO Permit Hardy