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Community Policing is a partnership between the citizens of Solvay and our Police Department.  This web site helps us enhance our goals by highlighting the information and services that we provide in the community.

The World Wide Web compliments our Community-Policing philosophy of keeping pace with new ways of helping to maintain a high quality of life in the Village of Solvay. We hope you will find the information that we have provided here to be both interesting and informative.


The Solvay Police has just added some new program to its interactive website for village residents.

Bicycle Registration

Everyone wishes for a NEW BIKE, while that bike, new or old can be registered with the Village of Solvay Police Department.

A new program has been added to the Solvay Police interactive website.

Just go to the Bicycle Identification Program section of our website.

Handicap Permits

If your a village resident, you can now download the permit application to fill out and bring to your doctor to sign. Once you sign it, you can bring it to the police department and we will issue you your Handicap parking permit.

The site also gives you some important and helpful information about Handicap Parking.

Just go to the Handicap Permits section of our  website.

Parking Enforcement Information

We now offer residents the opportunity to view the Parking Rules within the Village of Solvay. We have included the fines of parking ticket and the increase rate as well.

All residents are encouraged to view this section of the website in order to get a better understanding of the parking regulations on village streets.

Just go to the Parking Enforcement Information section of our  website.

Business Location Information Program

Local businesses are encouraged to Register their business with the Village of Solvay Police Department.

If there is ever an emergency with your business, or officers find open doors while on patrol at night, this information would be helpful in contacting owners or employees.

All information is kept confidential and used for police emergencies only.

Just go to the Business Location Information Program section of our  website.

Senior Citizen Identification Program

The police department now offers senior citizens the opportunity to receive official identifications cards.

This is a free program to senior citizens that are village residents.

Just stop down to the police department Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 3:30pm and receive your Identification Card free of charge

 Just go to the Senior Citizen Identification Program section of our  website.

Thank you,

The Village of Solvay Police Department


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