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Community Policing is a partnership between the citizens of Solvay and our Police Department.  This web site helps us enhance our goals by highlighting the information and services that we provide in the community.The World Wide Web compliments our Community-Policing philosophy of keeping pace with new ways of helping to maintain a high quality of life in the Village of Solvay. We hope you will find the information that we have provided here to be both interesting and informative.

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The Village of Solvay Police Department now offers online incident reporting.  You are allowed to use the COR System. If this is an Emergency please call 911. Using the COR System allows you to submit a incident report immediately. Please confirm the following to find out if COR System is right for you:

  • This is NOT an Emergency
  • There are NO known suspect(s) OR suspect description
  • This incident is NOT happening right now or did not just happen
  • You are the victim or have control/responsibility over the property
  • The incident happened within the Village of Solvay

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you are ready to file your report online. Please go to the Citizen Online Reporting System (COR System) on the side menu bar to the right of this screen.

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Lieutenant Derek Osbeck

To your new position as CHIEF OF POLICE

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The Solvay Police Department is no longer able to dispatch any type of CALLS FOR POLICE SERVICE, such as PARKING COMPLAINTS, SUSPICIOUS PERSONS/INCIDENTS, or any type of call that requires a Police Officer or Police Report.

All SOLVAY RESIDENCE are asked to call 911. This number is for all types of calls, even if you as Resident think that it is not important enough for 911.

The Onondaga County 911 Center is responsible for dispatching all types of calls for service to the police officers on the road.

If you have any  other type of Administrative concern or would like to speak with the Chief of Police or Lieutenant, or concerns with parking or anything other than a police service, please feel free to contact the Police Department during regular business hours.

  • Monday thru Friday…………………………… 9:00a to 4:00p
  • Saturday & Sunday……………………………. CLOSED

The administration office will also be CLOSED during HOLIDAYS as well.

The Solvay Police Department would like to Thank You for your support and understanding concerning this.

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